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A.L. Cut Optimizer

The Anything Linear Cutting Optimizing Calculator will allow you to enter your starting material length, the first cut loss (to square up your material), the width of your saw blade or scissors (Kerf Loss) and an infinite amount material lengths and quantities.

Then with one easy click on the Calculate button you will easily generate a detailed cutting list, leftover lengths, with total number of raw material lengths required to complete the task.

This software works with ANY linear material.

This program saves you the time of mathmatically solving the advanced cutting stock calculus formula.

To save money and material, look through your left over pieces before cutting off of a new full bar.

Once you calculate your Optimized Cutting Length Report, click the E-mail button to send your report to your supplier or saw operator.

SALES QUOTING TOOL - You can quickly and accurately estimate your job quotes.

Work smarter, not harder, while saving time and materials.

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