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NNS Guitar Chords

This is a full version APP and does not contain any in APP purchases or annoying pop up banners.

During the 1950's the Nashville Numbering System(NNS) was developed to help quickly transpose songs to different chords. Instead of using traditional chord letter charting.

The NNS system uses a roman numeral replacement system, which allowes musicians to litteraly play by the numbers, no matter what chord this singer may choose to sing in.

Incase this all may sound a bit complicated, use this NNS Chord Calculator help you quickly translate the chord you desire into the Nashville Numbering System. You can then easily click on the key buttons to illustrate the finger board positions.

Includes a cool chart button that will illustrate every note on the six string guitar neck.

Fun and easy to use scrolling chord finder and finger board position illustrations.

Also includes typical charting notations.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, while saving time and money.

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